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Who are your people?

My thought mill is in full gear this weekend, and something keeps bubbling up for me so that is where I'm going.

There are a few moments in my recent life that have solidified the idea for me, that people in my life are there for a reason. Dr. Brian Weiss, an expert in the field of past-life regression therapy, explains that we are all souls, and we come back again and again to learn lessons. He goes on to explain that the same souls from the past tend to stick together - soulmates, if you will. Perhaps your best friend in this life was your mom in a past life! There are countless possibilities. Another beautiful idea is that when a soul prepares to come here for a new lesson, there could be angels traveling with it to make sure it learns the lesson it needs to. For instance, if your soul needs to learn patience, your angel could be your beautiful but super difficult toddler. If your soul needs to learn forgiveness, your angel could be someone who keeps hurting you over and over. Most of us will never know while we are having our human experience.

Anyway, you don't have to subscribe to this the way that I do, but have you ever had a moment where you meet someone and just feel immediately comfortable or uncomfortable? Or just feel like you "know" them? Something to think about.

Yesterday I was walking my dog as I always do in the early morning and my neighbor who I haven't seen in a while pulled up in his car next to me. He is such a lovely and genuine guy and I love chatting with him. We've become friends. After our quick chat and as he pulled away, I just had this warm feeling in my heart. It wasn't so much about him personally, but just how I live in a neighborhood with really good people, many of who are now friends. And I felt gratitude. Could he be an angel checking in on me?

Not everything in my life is easy right now. There are daily struggles and sometimes they can get the better of me. But yesterday I realized how often I run into my neighbor/friends, and how often those moments tend to lift me up. Maybe they are angels teaching me resilience. Maybe they are just other souls learning their lessons. But my question is, what if every single interaction we had with another human was significant to our growth and our journey in some way? How might your day-to-day interactions change if you approached your days with this in the back of your mind? Sometimes when someone is really irritating me, and I find myself getting angry, I now flip the script and think "Man, this person is REALLLLY committed to my growth!"

So, who are your people?

(September 15, 2019)

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