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The most difficult part of parenting is the kids.

I'm kidding, but it definitely feels that way sometimes. However, our kids are not the problem.


If you've never questioned your parenting or your sanity, then you probably don't need to be here. 

But if you are anything like me, then chances are you might have found yourself thinking "WTF?!?" on more than one occasion. Especially with teenagers. Here is the good news: You are not alone, my friend. I've always been quite honest when it has come to my feelings about how hard parenting seemed to me. My stress about things completely drowned out the joy on many occasions. And here is the key - I learned that's all about me, and not about my kids.

As a matter of fact, I found myself struggling emotionally with parenting so much at times, that the only way I can describe what I was feeling would be to use the word despair. That's a pretty strong word, but it makes my point.

It wasn't until I was past age 40, that I began to learn that a huge part of my parenting relied on me re-parenting myself, and becoming aware of some trauma I had shoved aside, and recognizing through therapy and coaching that there was a better way.

Have you ever had these thoughts?
*Hint: these might be thoughts I've had.

Covering Half Face
  • I just want my kid to be happy

  • They should be doing *this* instead of *that*

  • Why won't they just listen to me?

  • I feel like I have no influence

  • I hate the way I handled that​​


  • I'm losing him/her/them

  • Sometimes it feels like they changed overnight, and I wasn't ready

  • I don't know how to make it better, and I'm scared we won't be close ever again

  • I bet (insert name here) doesn't struggle with this in her/his/their house.

Why am I passionate about this work? 

My own parenting journey has led me here to you.


I'm passionate about holding space for parents, because at one time I felt like if I spoke my feelings out loud, I would surely be judged. I felt like a failure for not enjoying the process. And while I don't feel this way now, I literally used to be the person that would tell my friends who didn't yet have children, that they shouldn't.

Not only has that changed, but you might have noticed I work with teenagers and young adults now as well. I believe they are magical teachers, and more capable than society lets them know, and I want to see them empowered and fulfilled.


I have done a lot of work in this area, personally first (and ongoing), and of course professionally. Through a variety of processes that I deeply believe in, I teach parents foundational tools that help them step back, breathe, reset and reconnect with their kids.

Curious to know more? Click below for all the information on the program.

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