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Hineni (hee-NAY-nee) Means Here I Am (Or

The Story Behind "Hineni"

Hineni is a Hebrew word that means “Here I am.” Though I grew up Jewish, I find wisdom within many belief systems and consider myself more *spiritual* than anything else, and my coaching practice is not based in any religion. You will soon see why it had to be Hineni.

The events that led to my discovery of this word are truly the foundation of how I am here today. The word itself is not foreign to me, but I didn't realize exactly how meaningful it would become until I found myself searching. I've had my share of challenges in life, and not too long ago I found myself feeling empty, knowing there was more out there, but not really knowing what it was for me or how to find it. I was searching for a connection to myself (Who am I?) and also a deeper connection to God or Source (Are you there?). I craved a better sense of who I really was, but I also needed to know that there was something out there bigger than me. I prayed - and by “prayed” I mean I whined a lot to be given a sign, and not some mystical sign I had to interpret and wouldn’t catch on to for 3 years. I begged for something concrete. 

Then one random day, while reading a book - a book I would not have expected God to be part of; a book I would not have thought would be life changing for me - God’s words were right on the pages: I exist. I’m real. I’m here. It was like a smack in the face. Okay. Message received. The funny part was that I also immediately felt like they were meant not just for me, but also about me. I exist, too. I am real. I am here - present in this moment. I am whatever I choose to be.


Hineni is also used throughout the Bible during times when God calls on someone to do something meaningful or important. It is an emotionally charged word in those moments: Here I am, ready to do what you require of me. Powerful stuff.


So, who are you? 


The work we do together will help you raise your awareness, energetic frequency and personal power. I will help guide you through whatever transitions, transformations  or changes you want to make, no matter how big or small they seem to you.  I will help you learn to trust your inner voice and connect to who you are at your core, which translates into the life you ultimately want to be living. It is wild and awesome. I speak from experience. Think of me as your co-pilot in the sidecar of a motorcycle, and let’s take a ride.

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