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Single Sessions

Make no mistake, these sessions are small but mighty. This is where the work begins and ripples outward. We go together on a deep-dive that will expand the mind and build immediate awarenesses. You will be able to take the knowledge from this session and immediately apply it in your life, to feel empowered and ready for change, no matter where you are struggling.

Unhappy at work?

Failing at having connected relationships?

Parenting making you feel, well, all the things?

Feeling spiritually bereft or wondering what your purpose is?

Finances stressing you out?

This is where you start.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Take a moment to consider your life. How nourishing and supportive are your relationships? How fulfilled do you feel by your work? What does your health, financial state or spiritual life feel like?

Your reality is a mirror reflecting your level of consciousness - your thoughts, feelings, and emotions about yourself, others, and the world. Some aspects of your consciousness serve you, while others hold you back from fulfilling your potential. And understandably so (we’re human!)


With the research-backed ELI assessment, you’ll take something abstract—the way you experience the world—and turn it into a tangible metric with profound and practical insights you can use to reshape your worldview and transform your life into the ideal one you envision.

Cost: $500 (2-3 hours)

S.A.F.E Core Values

At a basic level, values are fundamental beliefs that help us determine what is important to us, and therefore what drives and motivates our actions and attitudes.

There are two main types: core or conscious-based and fear-based values. Core- based values are are uninhibited by fear. They are our non-negotiable, this is who I am, values. Fear based values are often rooted in societal "shoulds", lack of self-confidence, and have been developed over the years based on our experiences.


Often, we learn through fear of failure, that we must put these fear-based values ahead of our core values if we want to survive in the world. When this happens, we stop honoring who we are authenticly - and when we are not authentic, it’s harder to be happy because we are actually living in conflict with ourselves.

I believe that if we are one with our values, that they will always guide us towards the answers that are right for us.


I customized this exercise to go deep to the root of your truest self.  Raise awareness over which values are being honored (you’re acting upon) and which are not (you’re not acting upon). From there, we identify crucial gaps, and identify next steps to help you start being true to who you are, and who you are meant to be.

Cost: $200 (1 hour)

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