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Who am I, and Who are You?

 I’ve thought a lot about what I could tell you here to give you a sense of who I am. I discovered that no matter what I do tell you, having an actual conversation is really the only way to go. But until then: I can tell you that I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I have a dark sense of humor, swear like it's my job and speak fluent sarcasm. I also care deeply about people. 

People are my jam.

As a matter of fact, I left a cozy job I was at for 15 years, and among the many reasons was my passion to connect with and support people on a much higher level.


I have a passion for helping people discover, understand and elevate their personal power. I have a gift for seeing, feeling and connecting with people. I believe human connection is as important as breathing, and nobody is meant to do Life alone.


Working with me is right for you if:

  •  You've started your journey of self-discovery and are ready to embrace radical personal honesty and go deep for major transformation

  •  The idea of learning about your personal frequency and raising it excites you

  •  You are willing to do the work

  •  You recognize this Life is your own, and you want to start living it right now

  •  You are tired of hearing yourself complain and you know there is a better way, you just aren't sure how to start.

I'm waiting for you. And it's going to be FUN.

My mission as a coach is to be curious about your story, to listen, to uncover, to support and to guide, but I won’t take your hand and lead you. We walk together, in your discoveries, in your choices, in your power. 


The experience of being coached shifted my thought processes and changed my life. And now I want to share that with you.

What people are saying...

Lauren Pla is a dynamic coach and human being. Her combination of caring, motivation, intelligence and creativity is a game changer for people looking to create genuine sustainable change. She engages her clients in an intentioned process that stimulates ambition to make their lives match their big picture vision. Lauren is a valued colleague and friend whom I would entrust with my closest family member. Sitting with her light and embarking on a personal journey with Lauren is an experience people should not miss. Anyone seeking an intuitive sincere coach; you have found your match in Lauren.
- Corinne Pecile, LCSW

Lauren's positive energy and judge-free, all accepting and loving aura are second to none. She is so “real” and warm that a stranger would want to cozy up and not leave her side. When she is coaching she is listening and totally present. She is in the moment, and never cutting in when a thought pops into her head, but instead waiting for the right moment to contribute with support and positivity. 

Words can’t describe it. It’s just something to experience. Lucky me, I have. 💗

- Christy K.

Lauren is one of the most passionate and positive individuals I know.  She lives her life with a wholeheartedness that inspires me to do the same.  Lauren is a reflective coach who cares deeply about people and meets them wherever they are on the path toward their goals.

- Abbie S.

I have had the distinct privilege of knowing Lauren for over 25 years. Lauren is a remarkable wife, mother, friend and mentor among many other roles. She is one of the smartest, kindest and most sincere individuals I know. She is honest, insightful and incredibly intuitive. Lauren is the type of woman who is supportive, knowledgeable, and passionately committed to helping others live their best lives as well.  I highly recommend her.

- Christina Kiel, Psy.D

Lauren is a true inspiration for those of us who find it hard to take the next scary step to a more content way of life. She is a great listener who is trustworthy, and dependable.  She truly loves what she does as a Life Coach and has a knack for understanding her clients needs, and how to help them.

- Gina C.

Lauren is authentic and compassionately unfiltered!  She is completely present with a patient warmth, creating a safe-space for me to vulnerable and open on my terms and in my space.  Her willingness and approach to connecting comes through how she listens and draws the questions out of me.  And, she knows just how and when to make me laugh!

- Rob T.

In the 20+ years I have known Lauren, I have come to know her as a genuine person, an active listener and dedicated to helping others. She has a way of asking probing questions that assist in getting to the heart of the matter, improving overall perspective by looking at the bigger picture. Lauren is loyal, intelligent, compassionate and is naturally inquisitive. I believe she would be a useful tool for those looking to overcome an obstacle, make significant life changes or be a better leader. 

- Professor Sandra Bertholf, MSOL 


Me and some of my favorite things...

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