What's Coming


Living More Consciously:    

  A Workshop

The definition of "consciousness" is the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings. Our inner consciousness consists of our ideas, our emotions, our perceptions, our choices and our energy around them. I am currently working on ideas for a group workshop series on developing more personal inner consciousness and how a greater awareness can awaken a power inside you that you may not have thought yourself capable of. If you would be interested in receiving notifications about this workshop as it evolves, please join my mailing list.

Teen Empowerment Discovery

It is a common thing these days to hear about how difficult it must be to grow up in this digital age. Adolescents and teens are under more pressure than ever to compete with a stifling social standard. I have asked questions and spoken to teens who *seem to have it all together*, and the overwhelming responses I get are that they are exhausted. From wallflowers to elite athletes, what if we could teach our teens to tap into the true energy inside them and learn to master it so they could shift from who they *think* they are supposed to be to and exist in the powerful place of who they actually *are*? They can take their personal power back. If you would be interested in receiving updates on how this workshop is evolving, please join my mailing list.

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